Environmental company finds methane outside Bridgeport Township offices

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BRIDGEPORT TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (4/10/2018) - The source of a peculiar odor that made some Bridgeport Township office workers sick on Friday became a little clearer on Tuesday.

An environmental investigation crew from AKT Peerless discovered a methane leak coming from underground when they dug a small test hole behind the township office building.

The Bridgeport Township Governmental Center was built on top of a former dump. The building opened in 1980. Methane is a common byproduct from decomposing trash.

Full test results aren't likely until the end of this week.

Some workers in the facility complained of being lightheaded and nauseous on Friday after smelling an odd odor, but none were hospitalized. The building is closed until further notice.

Workers from the township office building have been moved to the Bridgeport Department of Public Works and Fire Department facilities. Anyone who needs to pay a water bill should go to the public works office.

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