Equal pay for equal work rally held in Lansing

LANSING(WJRT)- (04/10/18)- Equal pay for equal work is something Judy Donahue spent 25 years fighting for while working in corporate America.

She retired in 2002. 16 years later, she is still fighting for that right.

"I am shocked that this is still going on, that women in their salaries, that the salary does not reflect the actual value of their work," said Judy Donahue, attended equal pay rally in Lansing.

Donahue drove all the way from Midland Tuesday, to the take part in a rally on the steps of the state Capital, speaking out against the pay disparity.

"One of the problems is it's not known, I didn't know it and that is the biggest thing we are trying to educate the public, women especially because so many don't know that they are not being paid the same as men," Donahue said.

A new report by the National Partnership for Women and Families show that Michigan came in 20th for the largest cents on the dollar gap in the nation and pays women on average, 78 cents for every dollar a man earns.

State Representative Vanessa Guerra says we have got to do better.

"It amazes me that this conversation about equal pay is something my grand mother talked about, my mother talked about and and I, having been born in 1989, I'm still having that conversation about women not receiving equal pay for equal work," said State Rep. Vanessa Guerra.

Guerra is one of the many lawmakers who attended Tuesday's rally.

"I think that when the laws change I think that people end up taking things to court and so I think we could potentially more lawsuits because of that," Guerra said.

Donahue hopes to see it happen one day, if not for her, but perhaps for those who came after.

"When men and women have the same pay everyone benefits," Donahue said.

That study also says if women in Michigan were paid as much as men, they would be able to afford 81 more weeks of food for their families or an additional year of tuition at a four year college.

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