Essay winner will be Flint Police Chief for a day

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FLINT (WJRT) (2/8/2018) - "I was like oh, how many jobs I could do!" said Freeman Elementary 6th grader Timari Brown. "Oh, I just like being like really active and I like seeing good positive actions, so if I win I'll be happy."

Brown and her 6th grade classmates in Ms. Gatz Reading and Writing class are eager to be the Chief of Flint Police for a day.

They're competing with the 5th graders to write the best essay on the topic 'What Flint Means to Me...'

"I would make sure nothing goes wrong," Destiny Smith said.

As they put pen to paper, each student said they couldn't help but think of the City's water emergency and the impact it's had on their young lives; but, they didn't want to focus on that.

"We're not just the water crisis city, we're more than just the water crisis city. We are people who unite to stick up for our city," Brown said.

A little over three years later, the residents of Flint still have to drink bottled water; but, the students said they learned about their community through the struggle.

"I wrote about how I like Flint and how I want to stay here and how Flint is a good place to be," Alannah Liggins said. "And, that the City are survivors because we're still surviving after the City's water crisis."

"I wrote about the Whiting Museum and how they do musical performances about our history and then the Sloan Museum where it's Flint's history and the planetarium and other places like that," Shani Edmondson explained.

"The teamwork is good and how we're helping each other out because my neighborhood helps each other out when it snows," Alesia Lundberg added.

To these 11 and 12-year-olds, the City of Flint is home and they're grateful for it.

"They see the same thing I see. You know, that we're proud of Flint. I'm a Flint kid, that now gets to be a Flint teacher. And I'm proud to be Flint," their teacher Ms. Krissy Gatz said.

Staff members will meet Friday and choose three winners.

The Chief will then pick which one of them will be Chief for a day.

We'll keep you updated as we learn more.

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