Ex-U of M-Flint Gender and Sexuality center director sues for wrongful termination

Heather Johnson sued the University of Michigan-Flint for wrongful termination.
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FLINT (WJRT) (2/14/2020) - A former employee is suing the University of Michigan-Flint, claiming she was wrongfully terminated.

Heather Johnson used to run the school's Center for Gender and Sexuality before she was fired last month.

She says she was let go after repeatedly raising concerns about discrimination against LGBTQIA students, faculty and staff -- specifically how certain students has been denied treatment by school counselors.

"Nothing had been raised. There wasn't a blemish on my personal file. There hadn't been a concern raised to me. And I was told that my supervisor had concerns," Johnson said. "I wasn't given any details. He left the room and gave me to the director of HR, who basically said sign this settlement agreement or you will face unspecified disciplinary charges."

Johnson is suing to get her job back, along with lost wages, attorney fees, emotional distress and damage to her reputation. University of Michigan-Flint officials declined comment on Friday.