Extreme temperatures continue inside Flint Community Schools

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FLINT (WJRT) (3/5/2018) - "It's just taking too long. I'm not an engineer. I don't know anything about heating and cooling, but I know that if my furnace breaks in my house, I've usually got somebody there within 12 hours and I've got heat," said Southwestern Academy teacher Barbara Range.

She and her fellow teachers have been making complaints about the extreme temperatures for years.

"Most of my days it's in the 80 to the 90s," she said.

So she documented the temperatures. Photos of thermometers show it got up to 89 degrees on January 8th and 88 degrees on February 13th.

"I'm so warm that I feel almost, I mean this sounds really bad, but like a damp dish rag. I just feel like everything's - I just don't feel normal. I feel like I'm very tired and I'm very, you know, worn out," Range added.

Monday, Range said it was 59 degrees when she walked in. That's out of the ordinary, but she believes, per an email from the assistant principal, that the boiler was off all weekend.

In the email, Range said it explains the boiler repairs would be happening over the weekend. But she's not sure they actually came because she said she received another email Monday morning saying a crew had just arrived to fix the heat.

Range said she'll believe it when she feels it.

"We've outsourced and we have a company that does it now. And I really don't think that they understand our systems. I could be wrong, 'cause like I said, I don't know, but it just seems like they might not actually know what's going on with the system," she explained.

Range is fed up and so are the students at Southwestern Academy.

"Today has been super cold. It's like they don't let us wear hoodies or our gloves or our hats," Senior Jalen Key said.

Key said it's always one extreme or the other.

"People can get sick off of that. And, I feel like either they should cancel school until they get the situation fixed or do something about it. It really is irritating," he explained.

We didn't receive a statement from the district Monday, but in August 2017, Superintendent Bilal Tawwab said, "We do have a new director for facilities and ancilary services. So, I've been working with him closely over the past few months since he's been on board, to make sure that our kids are in spaces that are very comfortable and conducive to learning."

We'll be checking back in this week to see if the situation can finally be fixed.

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