FDA takes up decades-long debate over breast implant safety

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WASHINGTON (AP) (03/24/19) - U.S. health officials are taking another look at the safety of breast implants, the latest review in a decades-long debate.

Experts for the Food and Drug Administration will hear from researchers, plastic surgeons and implant makers at a two-day meeting that starts Monday. Women who believe their implants caused a variety of long-term diseases and ailments are also scheduled to speak.

The FDA is grappling with how to manage a recently confirmed link to a rare cancer and thousands of unconfirmed complaints of other health problems.

FDA's experts will recommend next steps and additional areas for research on the devices. But for now the agency isn't proposing any new restrictions or warnings.

Roughly 400,000 women receive breast implants in the U.S. annually, for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes after breast cancer.

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