FPD and FFD leave everything out on the basketball court

FLINT (WJRT) (7/7/2018) - A showdown in the Vehicle City as Flint’s ‘Finest’ faces off against Flint's ‘Bravest.’

"It's Flint PD all day. Flint's police department is always going to be the best,” Flint Police Officer Quion Wheeler said.

Flint's police numbers are down as they face off for the first time on the court Flint's firefighters.

"But we got this young vibrant group of kids who are going to come out and give us a run for our money. So, they got us by a little bit, but it's nothing we can't come back from,” Wheeler said.

That young, vibrant group is part of the Flint Pal and CMB summer basketball programs.
This charity basketball game put on to give these young men something fun to do over the summer.
11-year-old Christopher McLavish is not holding anything back from the firefighters as shoots from way downtown.

"It felt good. I just go in my rhythm, and I just shot the ball, and it went in,” McLavish said.

Flint Fire Chief Raymond Barton took notice of the opposing threat.

"He's pretty good, but we will have to shut him down and put some defense on him because we want to win. We are competitive, so we can't take the loss,” Barton said.

Still, the young star slipped through a couple of times.

"It's fun because when you make them, you get to do celebrations and stuff,” McLavish said.

Despite those baskets, the fire chief was happy to be a part of the game and give these kids an understanding of who they are.

"Get to know us outside of being in a uniform and serious all the time,” Barton told ABC 12.

Flint Fire overcame the police department with a score of 55 to 49.
The real winners are the kids because they were able to raise over a couple of hundred dollars.