Family: Buena Vista Treasurer owes them money

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BUENA VISTA TOWNSHIP (WJRT) - (09/13/17) - Desmond Bibbs was elected Buena Vista Township treasurer last year. He also owned and operated a company called All Night Affair. This is a company's website which touted it as a place "where everyone sits first class." People would rent the party bus for events like weddings.

” Lots of details go on with a wedding, the standards are little different now:” said Teresa Bohnhoff, whose daughter, Alison, signed a contract with All Night Affair back in July of 2016, a year before her wedding She paid for the bus up front.

“Hers was $500.” said Bohnhoff

The wedding ceremony was to take place at St. Thomas Aquinas in Saginaw Township, but in early June, the plans fell apart.

“Six weeks before the wedding on June 1st, she received a letter from All Night Affair saying they were no longer in business, they would not be able to honor their contract.” said Bohnhoff

The Bohnhoff family scrambled and eventually got another bus. The letter from All Night Affair stated they would get a refund in about ninety days. That time frame is long gone, and Bohnhoff says calls, emails and requests through the company website haven't been returned.

Desmond Bibbs could not do an on camera interview Wednesday but confirms All Night Affair is out of business. He says he apologizes to anyone who hasn't been paid back and is still working on returning money.
The Bohnhoff's recently found out the man with money trouble is the one handling money for Buena Vista Township in his role as Treasurer.

“I think it's a kind of a flag or something that you wonder how they are doing with the public funds, I guess if they are not honoring the contracts they have in their private life.” said Bohnhoff.

Bibbs says the business had nothing to do with his role as Buena Vista Township treasurer.

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