Family grieving loss of teenage daughter following early morning shooting in Flint

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FLINT, Michigan (WJRT) - (06/25/2019) - A mother in anguish, after losing a teenage daughter to gun violence in Flint just five days ago.

18-year old Corrynn Adams died after being shot early Thursday morning.

Flint police are still searching for the person responsible.

The victim's mother wants whoever pulled the trigger behind bars, and for the bloodshed to end.

"I just want to let people know that it's about violence --once you take somebody's baby, there's no bringing them back."

Lee Adams' says her daughter Corrynn Adams was staying with her boyfriend, who lives in the 500 block of West York, when she was shot early Thursday morning.

"All of a sudden I heard a ring of gun shots just go out," said a neighbor, "it seemed like he wasn't going to stop shooting."

It was about 3 o'clock in the morning when the house was riddled with gunfire.

Police say there were five people inside at the time.

Corryn was the only one hit trying to run for safety. Her family believes she was not the intended target:

"My daughter died through violence," Adams said.

She wants whoever is responsible for her daughter's death - to be held accountable.

"I want them to get justice through the system," she said. "Go to jail, and rot."

18-year old Corryn Adams, who family referred to as "Rinny", was described as the glue that held the family together, and an involved aunt:

"Corryn would chase 'em down and make them do what they were supposed to do, she was awesome, she was awesome," her mother noted.

This is the family's second loss. Lee said they lost their 11-year old son to an illness back in 2009.

The funeral for Corrynn Adams will be held at the Sheldon T. Banks Funeral Chapel on South Dort Highway on Friday at 12:00pm.

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