Family remembers Harrison natives killed in Texas church shooting

HARRISON (WJRT) - (11/06/17) - There is a Mid-Michigan connection to the heartbreak in Texas.

Bob Somers

Robert and Shani Corrigan are among the 26 people shot and killed at a church service Sunday morning.

They graduated from Harrison High School in 1985.

"He was a track star in high school, he was valedictorian of his class. Him and Shani were high school sweethearts," said Bob Somers, Robert Corrigan's uncle. "Bobby was a leader. Bobby was very smart, Bobby was the nicest kid you could possibly ask for."

After graduation and marriage, Robert enlisted in the Air Force.

He retired as a Chief Master Sergeant in 2015.

Robert worked in various medical positions during his 30 years with the Air Force.

The couple moved around the country and raised three boys together.

"They were very much in love, they enjoyed each other, they enjoyed their family," Somers said.

The family calls Robert, "Bobby". His uncle, Bob Somers, said Bobby was one of a kind.

"Bobby was a special kid in all our hearts. Bobby touched everybody that he encountered. He left part of Bobby there," Somers said. "He went out of his way to be courteous and kind."

After his military retirement, the couple moved to Texas.

Their church was a big part of their lives. "Bobby and Shani were very involved in their church, God was a big part of his life," Somers said.

On Sunday when Robert Corrigan's mother learned her son was in the church, the family prayed for miracle. They hoped Robert and Shani were in the hospital and couldn't answer their phone calls.

Sunday evening they were told the couple didn't make it.

"We want to know why and how, and we haven't wrapped our heads around it yet," Somers said.

Robert Corrigan's service took him to Afghanistan for a time, but it was at a church that he lost his life. "A place that you would expect to be one of the safest places you could possibly be," Somers said.

One of the Corrigan's sons died in Nov. 2016. Their remaining two sons currently serve in the military.

Funeral arrangements aren't complete yet.

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