Family says loved one isn't resting peacefully at Fenton-area cemetery

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TYRONE TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (12/5/2017) -The Borges family say management is neglecting where their loved one was buried.

A storm tore through Tyrone Memory Gardens Cemetery in early fall and uprooted several trees.

The family says since the initial cleanup there hasn't been anything done to make the cemetery look nice.

“They really don't care to take care of it like they should,” Bill Borges said.

Borges father Bill was a Vietnam Veteran.

For 13 years his father rested at Tyrone Memory Gardens Cemetery off of White Lake Road and U.S. 23 in Tyrone Township.

A place his son loved to come and spend time visiting dad especially during the holidays.

"You should be able to come up to a cemetery and visit your family member and not have to pick up trash up,” Borges said.

The son says he's upset because he has to do all the work to make sure his dad's grave looks nice.

"The trash that has been floating around that's been there since the middle of October, and nobody has been out here to take care of anything,” Borges said.

Borges says picking up trash isn’t the problem because if you look people can see tree stumps uprooted and branches dangling ready to fall.

"You know it doesn't seem like they are really in any real big hurry to get out here and clean it up,” Borges said.

A tornado came through earlier this fall, which caused these trees to come out of the ground.

Cemetery management says they couldn't get the stumps out with their equipment.

They say they're working to have heavy machinery come in next week to take out any remaining stumps and one remaining tree that had fallen during the storm.

"You should take pride in the fact that 'hey, our company owns this and we should be out there taking care of this,” Borges said.

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