Family seeking words of encouragement for son after losing his leg working at Curwood Festival

Published: Jun. 9, 2019 at 11:24 PM EDT
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(06/09/19) - A mid-Michigan man is hospitalized, seriously injured while working on a carnival ride in Owosso Saturday.

"It's heartbreaking to see a wound like that on your child. Anybody I think it would be hard but for your child and to hear him crying and wanting you, it breaks your heart. All we can do is hold his hand and keep him encouraged. The pain, there's nothing we can do for him for the pain," Stephanie Chapman said. Stephanie is the 22-year-old's stepmother.

Before opening on Saturday morning, employees were doing a routine safety and maintenance check on the Fire Ball. That's when the 22-year-old was involved in an accident that crushed the bottom of his leg. The damage was so severe doctors had to amputate part of his leg.

He is now stable at Hurley Medical Center. His family says the community has been responsive, and they're continuing to ask for your support.

"It shows him everybody cares," Troy Chapman said. Troy is the 22-year-old's father.

"I'm hoping that through this process, he can possibly meet other people that are in the same situation as him with amputations because me and his dad are never going to be able to understand what he's feeling, but somebody that's been through it can and maybe that'll help him relate a little bit to have somebody who actually can say, yeah I know what you're feeling," Stephanie said.

If you'd like to offer your support, the family says their son would appreciate get well cards or words of encouragement. Cards “to Nick” can be sent to the following address:

215 Oakwood Ave.

Owosso, MI


The following is a statement ABC12 News received from Skerbeck Family Carnival:

"During a routine safety and maintenance check on the Fire Ball, before opening on 10:30 am on Saturday morning, there was an employee involved in an accident. He was taken to Hurley Medical in Flint. He is in stable condition. We continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers. We'd also like to thank all of our employees, the Police and First Response of Owosso, and the Curwood Festival for their prompt response to [the] situation. We have no further information at this time."