Father advocates for more awareness on depression following son's suicide

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Tuscola County (12/4/2018) - Depression is a hard subject for any parent to talk about with their kids.

One Michigan father, who lost his son to the illness, is bringing awareness to the problem in Tuscola County Tuesday.

"He was a great kid and a great friend."

Daniel Olson was like any other high school kid played in sports and studied hard.

Daniel was the quarterback for his high school team in the U.P., where his dad coaches.

When the team lost Daniel often took the blame on himself for not winning a game.

"When you're suffering from depression or anxiety you know the little things can bother you,” Jeff Olson said.

His dad says nothing weighed heavier on his son than losing their state finals his senior year by two points.

Daniel would wake up with night sweats because of that game.

"We didn't know a whole lot of people who were suffering. Everybody hid and we hid it because Daniel was so popular,” Jeff said.

After losing his battle to depression in 2012, Jeff now advocates for son's illness.

He's gone to several dozen schools around the state over the past year and a half.

Showing a documentary to parents and friends on what they can look out for in their loved ones.

"I am Daniel's voice to get people to understand. SO, I think he would be very happy because people understand what he went through,” Jeff said.

All so no one goes through a similar tragedy his family went through several years ago.

"Do use Daniels situation to help people,” Jeff said.

If you would like to learn more about this families story, Jeff will be back in mid-Michigan again.

His next stop is scheduled for Thursday at the Caro Theater at 7 pm.