Federal judge orders Flint City Council into mediation talks over water

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DETROIT (AP) (11/20/2017) - A federal judge has ordered Flint City Council members to meet with mediators in a Detroit courthouse to try to reach a long-term agreement over water.

Council members appeared in Judge David Lawson's courtroom Monday asking for another week to make a decision on a possible 30-year contract with Great Lakes Water Authority. At the same time, Gov. Rick Snyder's administration urged the judge to allow Flint's mayor to bypass the council and sign the deal.

Lawson isn't ready to do that. He says council members are "taking this seriously." Five new members were recently elected.

The judge ordered council members into private meetings. He says he still plans to do something later Monday.

Flint switched to Great Lakes Water Authority in 2015 when Snyder acknowledged a lead crisis.

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