Fenton schools selling property to increase funding for safety measures

FENTON (WJRT) (6/21/2018) - Property owned by Fenton Community School that has been vacant for three years is being listed for sale, hopefully earning the district money to spend on safety measures.

The district has no plans for the property and likely couldn't use it for a building anytime soon.

"The cost of just preparing it to build on is just a large cost," said Superintendent Adam Hartley. "After researching doing out due diligence it was decided it was best for the school district to sell the property."

The school district believes the 3.5-acre property along Owen Road between Speedway and the high school football field will be able to bring in some profits that they can put to use throughout the district.

"The only thing that the money can be used for is to upgrade facilities for security," Hartley said. "So phase one of that will be AGS Middle School. We're actually looking to start construction on that spring of 2019."

The middle school's entrance will be relocated and the existing office will be turned into three classrooms, including a science lab. The additional funds will be used at the Ellen Street campus to also enhance safety measures.

"We've pinpointed vulnerabilities and pinpointed those entry points," Hartley said.

Administrators will have some control in the type of business that comes onto the land and can make sure its appropriate to be next to the schools campuses.

The property bidding is already open and closes on June 28.