Fenton silversmith encourages people to learn about the art

Annie Anglim is a silversmith who teaches others about the ancient art form from her studio in Fenton.

FENTON (WJRT) (7/10/2019) - Silversmithing isn't taught in school, but a Fenton woman has turned it into a career.

She wants to pass that along to others who might be interested in the metal art form.

"It's a totally different art form. It's an ancient art form,” said silversmith Annie Anglim, who owns Cause & Effect Gallery in Fenton.

For seven years, she has dedicated her time teaching people how make items like rings, bracelets and necklaces.

"This brings me absolutely pure joy, when I can see how excited the kids get in particular when they are able to do something," Anglim said.

Gabriel Mummert, 10, hopes to be a silversmith someday. He just started Anglim's class Tuesday.

"It's like a big ring and stuff, a bracelet, a necklace and all you start out with is a paper sheet with metal," he said.

Anglim said silversmithing involves using fire and pounding to create art. She moved from her in-home studio to a storefront in March 2019 to accommodate those in wheelchairs or with special needs.

"I have made an adaptable work station for folks that are in chairs if they can't use certain operated equipment," Anglim said. "I've got hand-operated equipment. I also have earmuffs for working with people who have issues with sound. "

Her goal is to show children that you can make a career out of art.

"Working with them and making them understand this piece of metal cost this much and I made something out of this," Anglim said. "How much time did it take for that in order to be able to sell it and make a living out of it."

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