Feral cats around Bad Axe getting spayed or neutered in catch and release sweep

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BAD AXE (WJRT) (7/15/2019) - The Sanilac County Humane Society is launching a two-day catch and release effort to help contain the "serious feral cat overpopulation" problem in Bad Axe.

A letter sent to city residents says the humane society will be trapping feral cats from Aug. 7 to 9. Those cats will be spayed or neutered and returned to the area where they are captured.

The spayed or neutered cats also will receive a rabies vaccination and be marked by clipping their left ear.

The humane society hopes the effort will reduce the number of cats having litters of kittens and thus reduce the overall population of feral cats in the city.

During the weekend of the catch and release sweep, Bad Axe residents are asked to:
-- Keep their indoor cats inside as much as possible and make sure they have a collar with tags anytime they are outdoors.
-- Avoid feeding feral cats so they are more attracted to food inside the live traps.

The humane society is asking for volunteers and financial donations to help with the effort. Volunteers are needed to check traps and go door-to-door communicating with residents.

The organization also is looking to borrow live traps to use during the sweep. They will be tagged with the owner's information and returned afterward.

Call 810-657-8962 or email societypets@att.net to volunteer.