Fidget spinner gets stuck on boy's finger, doctor forced to use electric saw

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ARIZONA (WJRT) - (08/03/17) - Fidget spinners are still creating quite a buzz, but one Arizona boy won't be using one again, anytime soon.

The 11 year old had to have the center ring of his favorite metal spinner medically sawed off of his index finger.

After buying the alloy spinner on Amazon with his allowance money, it slipped all the way down his finger while using it.

His family was able to remove all but that middle ring and when nothing worked they took him to the Emergency Room.

After spending several hours at two hospitals, doctors determined the metal was too strong for a 'standard' ring cutter.

To get it off, the hospital's head of maintenance got an electric saw and helped find a doctor to perform the scary procedure.

The boy's mother says after spreading the word, they're being throw out because it's just not worth the danger.

The boy's finger is no longer swollen and healing well.

Even with insurance, their medical bills will cost thousands of dollars.

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