Fight over ex-lovers may have preceded intentional motorcycle crash, family says

Published: Jun. 23, 2020 at 6:23 PM EDT
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(6/23/2020) - A couple was thrown from their motorcycle after being hit by another vehicle.

The couple is now suffering several broken bones, a head injury and road rash. Family and friends of the couple are calling for charges against the driver who hit them.

They believe the crash was intentional.

“I'm at a loss for words. My son is laying in a hospital bed and his girlfriend is up there. I just want justice for our kids. I'm so over it,” mom Angela Fitzpatrick said.

She said her son, Micheal King, and his girlfriend, Brooklyn Spishock, were out celebrating King's 21st birthday Saturday night.

They ended up at Scooter's Bar on the corner of Hill and Torrey roads in Mundy Township. According to Brooklyn’s brother, so did Micheal’s ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend.

Chris Tucker said they got into a fight.

“I believe they waited for him. And when they left the bar, they followed them,” King’s dad, Gerald Fitzpatrick, said.

Tucker added, “Something happened; and the next thing I knew, everybody was laying on the ground.”

The Metro Police Authority of Genesee County was called for the fight just after 2 a.m. Sunday morning. But when they got to the bar, Det. Christina Lutz said half of the group had left.

Moments later, about a half a mile away from the bar, police were called to a crash in which investigators believe a black Jeep hit Micheal and Brooklyn from behind on their motorcycle.

“While we were investigating the crash, it was determined the occupants in all of the vehicles were part of the original fight at Scooters,” Lutz said.

Micheal and Brooklyn’s families say this wasn’t an accident, which has police investigating the crash as a possible intentional act.

Brooklyn has internal bleeding, a broken leg, a broken arm and has to wear a neck brace. Micheal will have to learn how to walk again after breaking his leg and ankle. Plus, his head was split open in two places.

“My little sister, I wish I could take all her pain and make it -- put it on myself, but I can't,” Tucker said.

“We just want justice for what's going on, you know, lucky that they're alive, thankfully. God was on their side this time,” Fitzpatrick added.

It’s not clear when or if anyone will be charged. Lutz plans to present a warrant request to the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office when the investigation is complete.

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