Filming of human trafficking movie creates spectacle at Knights Inn along U.S. 23

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MUNDY TOWNSHIP (WJRT) (11/03/2017) - Filming for a new movie about human trafficking created a lot of buzz at the Knights Inn along U.S. 23 in Mundy Township late Thursday.

A production crew films a scene from "Ring of Silence" at the Knights Inn near U.S. 23 in Mundy Township.

What looked like a crime scene with lots of patrol cars, lights flashing and people handcuffed was actually the set of a movie called "Ring of Silence." It is produced by a publisher of On the Town magazine.

A crew of hundreds is involved in making the film, which is being shot at a variety of locations around Genesee County.

Kim Gray, a producer of the movie and publisher of On the Town, is a mom of three daughters. She said the film is opening her eyes to how much she needs to do to protect her children from human trafficking.

"Nobody talks about it and so our mission is to talk about it and to bring awareness and to hopefully help prevent somebody from becoming a victim," Gray said.

The film is based on a high school and will depict various forms of human trafficking, along with how people become victims. Gray hopes the film tells a compelling story and educates viewers about a hidden crisis.

"People think, 'Oh it won't happen to me and it only happens in the cities or the bigger cities and it doesn't happen here' and it does. It happens in everyone's neighborhoods," Gray said.

The crew is scheduled to continue shooting more scenes around Mid-Michigan. The movie is not set to be released until next spring.

"It's such a good feeling to have the community involved in and everyone has been so supportive," Gray said.

The film is expected to boost the local economy by employing 500 extras during the production process.

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