Financial institutions say the battle is "never-ending" after Capital One data breach

Published: Jul. 30, 2019 at 5:50 PM EDT
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(07/30/19) - It's one of the largest data breaches to hit a big bank ever.

A hacker accessed personal info of over 100 million Capitol One credit card applications.

The data breach includes credit scores, payment history, and contact information.

No credit card numbers numbers or logins were compromised.

Doug Witten, a Cyber Defense Program Director at Baker College, says this was low-hanging fruit for the hacker.

"It's an error. It's human error that somebody didn't see this. Somebody did not see that until it was actually deed was done. They didn't find out until quite a bit later," Witten said.

Karen Church, the CEO of ELGA Credit Union says this issue is a never-ending battle for financial institutions. To win, the top priority needs to be security.

"We have a team that's constantly looking at the Firewalls making sure there's nothing getting through ever. We have monitoring systems both internal and external that we keep track of anything that looks suspicious, so we can jump on it right away," Church said.

Church added that there are annual audits or semi-annual audits to make sure data is protected. She says testing this processing system is crucial, but so is getting legislation more involved.

"There is legislation trying to be passed in Michigan and at the federal level that would require quicker reporting requirements for those places that have been breached, so we can get on our game sooner in getting anything done to stop the fraud," Church said.

Church says she hopes people in Michigan will encourage their lawmakers to help protect their personal and financial information.

Until then, a few extra things you can do to protect yourself:

-Change passwords frequently

-Avoid click-bate-

-Update apps for security fixes

-Always monitor bank statements