Finding love at the library

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MT. MORRIS (WJRT) - (02/08/19) - Dating in this day and age can be daunting. This Valentine's Day, instead of swiping left or right on the dating app of your choice, staff at a local library hope will find love as you turn the page.

"You don't know what you're getting and you can return it if it's not a love match," said Heather Vanfleet, Mt. Morris Branch librarian.

She isn't just describing a blind date but she's describing blind date with a book.

It's a program running throughout the month of February and it makes reading that much more exciting.

"Readers will just pick a book that's wrapped in plain brown paper. There's just some key phrases to give an idea of the storyline but not to give away what the book is," Heather said.

Mt Morris Librarian Heather Vanfleet says you'll only know whether the book is fiction, non-fiction or a teen book.

"The idea is to not only broaden the reader's horizons but to get them out of their comfort zone of authors," Heather said.

Helga Blonke visits this branch weekly looking for her favorite genre.

"Christian fiction books. They put little crosses on them so I can find them easily," Blonke said.

No worries about bad breath or who will pay. With just a library card, you can try something new. Helga is on board with it.

"Blind date with a book sounds nice and safe," Helga said.

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