Fire damages two restaurants in downtown Port Austin

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PORT AUSTIN (WJRT) (06/18/18) - Fire erupted in Port Austin's downtown area Monday, damaging two restaurants.

Photo: Josh Freeborg

The Stock Pot and the Landing of Port Austin Tavern both sit at the corner of Spring (M-25) and Lake streets in the center of the shoreline village in northern Huron County.

Port Austin resident Josh Freeborg, who lives just outside of downtown, said the first fire truck rushed by his house around 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon.

Several area departments were called to the scene to assist local firefighters.

Freeborg said smoke appeared to have engulfed the Stock Pot and spilled over into the Landing restaurant next door. Flames were not seen, but the smoke could was visible from a couple miles away.

No word from officials yet on what caused it or how extensive the damage is.

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