Fire officials ask residents to clear snow around hydrants

Published: Dec. 13, 2017 at 12:20 PM EST
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(12/13/2017) - Area fire chiefs are asking residents to remember fire crews while they are out clearing snow.

Firefighters are asking residents who live near hydrants to make sure there's at least a three-foot swath of space free of snow them.

Grand Blanc Fire Chief Robert Burdette said firefighters want to be able to find a hydrant as quickly as they can when they get out to a call. The cleared space also provides room for firefighters to hook up a hose to the hydrant and open it.

Seconds count when battling a fire, Burdette said. Snow can make it hard for his firefighters to see a hydrant.

When that happens, firefighters might park their trucks farther away from the blaze.

Burdette said anyone unable to clear snow from around a hydrant due to health reasons can call their local fire department for assistance.

He added that most of the fire calls the department deals with are candles that have been left unattended.