Fireworks blamed for fire at Holy Family Catholic Church outreach center

Grand Blanc Township firefighters extinguished a fire on the porch of the Holy Family Catholic Church outreach center. (Photo by Grand Blanc Township Fire Department)
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GRAND BLANC (WJRT) (5/17/2019) - The fire that damaged Holy Family Catholic Church's outreach center in Grand Blanc was caused by a firework, investigators say.

Grand Blanc Township Fire Chief Bob Burdette said evidence of fireworks was found around the small wooden porch that burned attached to the house.

Grand Blanc Township firefighters witnessed the fire from their station two blocks over on High Street just after 8:45 p.m. Wednesday. Firefighters quickly jumped into a truck and notified the Genesee County 911 center.

The department says only the outside of the building sustained fire damage because of the fast response. Smoke also had to be cleared out of the inside of the outreach center.