First ever New Year's Eve Ball Drop in Owosso

(12/31/17)- With it's Christmas lights warming barrels and side walk games...There's hometown feel to the first ever New Year's Eve Ball Drop Block Party in Owosso. The kind of feeling organizer Josh Adams, was going for.

"So many people kind of sit at home make a last minute decision whether they are going to stay at home or go out for the night and a lot of times, we just end up staying home but we thought being able to throw a downtown party we'll throw the party for you and just have people come down and enjoy community enjoy the downtown and just have a good time." said Josh Adams, Organizer

Longtime Owosso residents Ron and Diane Goldberg are glad to see something like this available in their hometown.

"I'm excited, i can't believe they finally did it i say everybody come down here, freezing or not, just get down here." said Diane Goldberg, Owosso

"You know its once a year so come out and try to have some fun." said Dan Goldberg, Owosso

Frigid temps weren't enough to deter people from showing up tonight.

"That was one reason why I decided to come out because they said they were warming stations." said Rebecca Pettis, Bath

They hoping to stay long enough to watch the ball drop to ring in the New Year.

"It's pretty cool not the thing i expxect for a smaller town, but its a pretty good turnout so far and i expect a lot more by midnight." said Melissa Potter, Owosso

I usually watch the ball drop at home the time square ball so i decided to find out how Owosso's ball drop goes." said Rebecca Pettis, Bath

The celebration is not just for adults, it's a family friendly event something that appealed to Galen and Kelly Ponder.

"It's kind of nice because a lot of times its mainly adult themed stuff on New Years Eve but its kind of nice, you see kids everywhere." said Galen Ponder, Corunna

Organizers say the goal is to make this an annual event.

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