Season's first snow-covered morning results in a rough commute

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GENESEE COUNTY (WJRT) (12/14/17) - The first snow-covered morning of the season resulted in a rather slippery commute for drivers across Mid-Michigan.

"It's been crazy. I've got four wheel drive and even though I don't drive fast and I'm at the normal speed, trying to get through this is crazy right now," said Detroit resident Danny Newsome.

The same could be said from northern Genesee County into the southern part of Saginaw County.

"I went to Birch Run and that was like 7 miles an hour down the freeway. Everyone was in a ditch. I wanted to help people out, but I just had to keep going," said Newsome.

While the Michigan Department of Transportation advised people to stay off the roads, for some that just wasn't possible.

"Have to be out, have to work out here, doing the pipeline," said Alan Paris of Flint. "We started out in Grand Blanc and it's been pretty nasty from Grand Blanc to (I-75)."

Part of his strategy involved keeping speeds well below the posted limit.

"We've been in four wheel drive and going about 35 to 40 mph tops. On (I-75), we were probably doing 50 on the top end," said Paris.

Flint Township resident Ted Albee's advice was simple. Staying safe involves more than just keeping speeds low.

"Just take it easy. Watch out for other people, because they don't watch out for you," said Albee.

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