Flint Boys & Girls Club gets new high-end security system

Published: Feb. 7, 2019 at 6:26 PM EST
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(2/7/2019) - On a daily basis during the school year, the staff at the Boys and Girls Club of Flint is responsible for about 140 kids. That number rises to 250 during the summer.

So they wanted to make sure everyone was safe and secure.

Sonitrol Great Lakes VP Mike Buckel sits on the board, heard their call and reached out to his company's supplier, 3XLogic, to make it happen.

"They replied back and said, you know, we can't give it to you for free, but we'll give it to you for one quarter of what it would've cost ya," Buckel said. "And we stepped up and installed it for free. So that they could feel safe here."

So now, the building has 16 new 6-megapixel cameras inside the building and two outside. They give the staff a clear picture of what's going on at any point during the day.

The Club's CEO, Tauzzari Robinson, said they haven't had too many problems, but certain issues do arise from time to time. Whether it's an incident between participants inside the building that needs to be resolved or in their parking lot, they're now even better prepared.

Recently, Robinson said they had someone steal the license plate and registration off one of their cars. With the new technology, it only took them minutes to clearly identify the thief; which was comfort for his staff and the kids who are trying to enjoy just being kids.

"We've seen the change, we feel so much better coming in. We know if there's an issue, we can identify it immediately," he said. "The kids know that they're there, So they feel safe. And it also acts as a deterrent for anybody who may want to come in or come to the club and maybe not do things that we want them to do. So, it's been awesome in a short period of time."

Sonitrol added the supplier is also donating a facial recognition camera. So, the club can input photos of kids that aren't allowed to be there or maybe non-custodial parents, and they'll be alerted immediately when they arrive on the property.