Flint City Council ready to work new Mayor-elect Sheldon Neeley

FLINT (WJRT) (11/06/19) - Sheldon Neeley is no stranger to Flint City Hall, but he will take on a much different role as the city's 94th mayor.

As the city's top elected official, he will have to find ways to work together with the nine-member Flint City Council to move the city forward and accomplish many of his goals.

"We have the executive branch and the legislative -- two distinct functions of government," said First Ward Flint City Councilman Eric Mays.

Council members are ready to work with Neeley.

"Mayor Weaver, I had a good working relationship with her. If the Neeley votes are certified, we will be willing to work with him as well," said Flint City Council President Herbert Winfrey, who represents the Sixth Ward.

Neeley's campaign promises include developing a financial plan to assist residents with high water rates, cleaning up blight and addressing crime in the city. He will need the city council's help to tackle those issues.

"I have personally interacted with Neeley quite a bit and we may not always agree, but I do know that he will communicate and that's what I'm looking forward to," said Ninth Ward Flint City Councilwoman Eva Worthing.

Winfrey and Worthing are eager to work with the new mayor on one of his goals: increasing transparency.

"We really don't know the status of our finances at at all. So I'm hoping that because Neeley had stated he will come right in, perform an audit , and I'm hoping that we get that done," Worthing said.

Winfrey is concerned about where Flint stands with funding pensions and paying legacy costs for retirees.

"We really need to get a handle on this legacy. It would be sad for any of our retirees to wake up and they don't get paid. That's just not good," Winfrey said.

A new mayor is not the only change at City Hall. City Council will select a new president on Monday as well.

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