Flint Eats app helps residents find healthy food options closest to them

FLINT (WJRT) (4/27/2018) - A couple taps on the screen and finding the closest grocery store to you can happen in seconds.

The new Flint Eats app aims to connect shoppers looking for healthy food in the city with the grocer closet to them offering the produce.

"So we know that places like Meijer or Walmart aren't going to come into the city of Flint -- at least for a while -- and so this is kind of an alternative option to help people find the healthy food that is available to the community," said Michigan State University Assistant Professor Rick Sadler.

He conducted a study conducted that found many areas in Flint don't have any options for grocery stores. The study determined what kind of stores are available and what food options they offer.

That information can be distributed directly to the palms of residents' hands.

"So we worked with Epic technology solutions, which is an app developer based here in Flint, and I'm in MSU public health, and MSU computer sciences," Sadler said. "So they worked with the app developers to get this going."

The app is pretty straightforward. Users type in what they're looking for and then a little tomato pops up to show where it is located.

Users can also add in things like sales and the exact items they're searching for.

"The app works similar to how other healthy eating apps work, like Yelp. The difference is that its Flint focused," Sadler said.

The Flint Eats app is available for download at Google Play, the iTunes Store or the Android store.

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