Flint Fire Department evacuates 90-year-old from house encircled by water

Published: Feb. 21, 2018 at 6:14 PM EST
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(2/21/2018) - Firefighters evacuated an elderly woman from her home on Thread Lake after it became surrounded by floodwaters and filled her crawl space.

The 90-year-old lives on Maybury Avenue with Thread Lake in her backyard. Heavy rains and melting snow on frozen ground this week caused lake levels to rise dramatically.

Around 2 p.m., water seeped into the woman's crawlspace and knocked out her furnace. So Flint police called for firefighters to help rescue her from knee-deep water.

The fire department sent a truck up to her house and firefighters carried her into it before driving her to higher ground. She was taken to an area hospital for a precautionary evaluation.