Person of the Week: Flint librarian retiring after more than 25 years

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FLINT (WJRT) - (01/26/18) - For more than a quarter of a century, a mid-Michigan librarian has dedicated her life to helping others, especially children.

Although this local librarian's career is coming to an end, her love of storytelling will go on.

"I thought it would be a better time for me to do it while I'm still in relatively good health, before I get any sicker or any older," said Brenda Harris, Flint Public Library's Children's Learning Specialist.

Harris has been a librarian at the Flint Public Library for more than two decades and has seen plenty of changes over the years.

"We didn't have computers for the children. We had old record player stands so that the children could come in and listen to children's albums," Harris commented.

Harris's career started as a story-teller in the early 90's.

She worked her way up from an assistant to managing a local library branch and finally after completing her master's degree, a children's librarian.

Harris says one big change over the years is helping kids who often can't go to a library.

"We do a lot of reaching out to community groups who work with kids, and schools," added Harris.

Although Harris will be missed, she said it was time to focus on her own story.

"One was my health, which is a little off, and I want to get it back to being on track.
The other is I that have a 95 year old mother who needs watching. And with all of my other siblings working, I'm the elected person," Harris said.

Although Harris is retiring, she still plans to volunteer in the community from time to time.

Harris will have one final children's reading 1pm Saturday at the Flint Public Library.

Everyone is invited to attend.

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