Flint MTA adding new buses in city, upgrades to Davison Center

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DAVISON (WJRT) - (01/02/17) - The Flint Mass Transportation Authority is getting the green light to upgrade its Davison transportation center, a place used by nearly 5,000 people each month.

"That new project will allow us to incorporate the Otisville-Davison centers into one," said Ed Benning, general manager for the Flint MTA. "We'll have one new center that will provide storage for about 20 vehicles, and the center also serves as a back-up for our IT and data collection."

Currently, the 16,000 square foot building will be transformed by summer into what Benning calls "a real winner".

"It's going to be a great facility for us," he said. "And being there, it's on M-15, it's going to allow us to serve Davison, Davison Township, Richfield Township and Otisville."

The upgrades are just one of many changes being implemented by the company. A separate federal funding package in the form of nearly $13 million will also be used to replace 32 buses at the Flint station.

"They're going to be environmentally-friendly, much cheaper for us, less cost to fuel the vehicles and we're replacing buses that are over 20 years old," Benning said.

All of the new buses will run on compressed natural gas, making sure that families continue to have a safe and reliable way to get around.

"Even though the population of the city has gone down, the needs go up," Benning said. "Many people are aging in their homes, many individuals use service today to go to work and so it allows us to expand and meet those needs of the community."

The new Davison center will be located along M-15, just north of Potter Road.

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