Flint Mayor's Race: Dr. Karen Weaver

FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - 7/29/2019 - Mayor Karen Weaver is up for reelection. She made history in 2015 when she became the first woman mayor of Flint.

Why are you running for Mayor?
Mayor Karen Weaver: "Are we better off now than we were three years ago? I think everybody would have to say we are. We are better off, we are making progress. We are changing the pipes we are doing better with the water. You do see jobs coming. You do see public safety being addressed. You do see us trying to clean up and do things around blight. But, we are better off than we were three and half years ago. And I think that needs to continue. We are going down the right path and we need to finish some things up that have been started."

What are Flint's biggest challenges?
Mayor Karen Weaver: "Reestablishing trust just with government in general and then talking about trust with the water. That can be one or two issues right there. Those are huge for us.

What we have been able to do with our police and fire especially with the resources we have has been great. But, public safety is always going to be a challenge and be at the top of the list. I can add one more economic development. People said they want jobs and that's something we are very very focused on."

What is Flint's largest asset?
Mayor Karen Weaver: "I think the people are the largest asset and that's what we want everybody to know. There is something special about the people in the city of Flint. We take a licking, we keep on ticking. We don't let things get us down and we don't let it keep us down. We are strong we are fighters and we keep coming back."

What is your strongest strength and biggest weakness?
Mayor Karen Weaver: "My voice. I remember people saying what are your going to do any differently because you have no power. I said 'I have my voice.' And that is something no one can take from you. And, your voice can make a difference."

"The weakness or one of the biggest challenges has been working with council, us working with council. One of the things I wish was happening was we were more on the same page and we were working together and moving the city forward together. That's been, that's a challenge.

How do you see Flint in the year 2030?
Mayor Karen Weaver: I can't wait to see Flint in 2030. I mean we have momentum, great things are happening in this city and I don't see that stopping. We are on a path and anytime people come here they are like I was just here a few months ago and there is more going on than there was before. If you were here just this last weekend there was something all weekend long. I think you are going to see more of that, more places to live, you are going to see more jobs, more small businesses. You know we keep talking about hashtag beautiful Flint. I think people will see beautiful, fun, healthy, thriving Flint in 10 years."