Flint Mayor's Race: Gregory Eason

Published: Jul. 31, 2019 at 5:30 PM EDT
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7/31/2019 - Gregory Eason is a consultant working in the private sector. He is the former city of Flint Administrator. This is his second time running for mayor.

Why are you running for Mayor?

Gregory Eason: "I'm upset, I'm tired and I'm angry with how I see this city looking. There is no reason why the city should be in the state that it is in. It upsets me when I look at potholes, it upsets me when I look at how horrible our streets look. It upsets me when I see neighborhoods torn apart. It upsets me, quite frankly, when I go to certain sections of the city of Flint and it looks just like Vietnam in the 1970s. It upsets me when I see that Flint has a tremendous amount of opportunities that have not been sold to the greater public."

What are Flint's biggest challenges?

Gregor Eason: " We need to have a Mayor that can unify this city and not necessarily allow us to be divided by race. That's a problem in this community. I think we need to have a leader, and I am that leader, that through establishing positive working relationships we have to eliminate this idea that we have to be divided by race. Because, what affects one side of the community, affects all sides of the community. The other thing I think is a huge challenge is the lack of economic development. Number three is that we need to solve this problem with the water crisis. It should have been solved a long time ago."

What is Flint's largest asset?

Gregory Eason: "What we have here is that, there is no, there's very few businesses in manufacturing or businesses period that wouldn't take advantage of a community that could give them the appropriate abatements, that could provide the appropriate land, that could provide them access to highways, seaways, expressways, and have access to educational institutions and have access to healthcare institutions. We have all of that in Flint."

What is your strongest strength and biggest weakness?

Gregory Eason: "My strongest strength is the fact that I am capable of bringing people together, building coalitions, partnerships. I would say that my strongest weakness is my compassion and my passion about caring about people."

How do you see Flint in the year 2030?

Gregory Eason: "In my mind Flint 2030 is a city that is flourishing downtown. I see a whole new affordable housing and new developments throughout the north end of Flint. I see a diverse economic base, whereby you have diverse businesses. I see businesses that are coming to Flint that will be technology companies. I see businesses coming to Flint that will be healthcare companies. I see a host of different things that will come to this city; the city will look totally different."

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