Flint, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality at odds over water plant operations

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FLINT (WJRT) (6/6/2018) - The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is accusing Flint of violating the state's Safe Drinking Water Act.

But Mayor Karen Weaver disagrees.

State regulators sent Weaver's office a letter this week asking the city enter an administrative consent order to correct issues. Among them, impose cross contamination measures and hire an employee to manage them.

The cross contamination program would prevent potentially tainted water from flowing backwards into the city's water distribution system, primarily at some industrial-scale water users.

The orders are outlined in a report the Department of Environmental Quality developed in 2017 after conducting an in-depth survey of the city's water system.

Various deadlines for compliance with the orders are included in the report, beginning on June 30 and running into 2019.

However, the Department of Environmental Quality says Flint's drinking water is still safe even with the city operating out of compliance with the administrative orders.

Weaver responded to the state with a letter on Tuesday, saying the city "has consistently worked on implementation measures" to correct the deficiencies.

She asked for more specific information about why the city is being asked to enter into an administrative consent order with the state and a list of deficiencies that remain to be corrected.