Flint Mom's reaction to state announcement PODs will close: It was pure anger

Published: Apr. 6, 2018 at 11:41 PM EDT
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(04/06/2018) - The state's decision to stop supplying free bottled water means PODs in Flint will close once the current supply is depleted.

The Mayor's office is predicting the water supply may be exhausted before the weekend is over, based on resident response to the unexpected announcement on Friday.

The POD on West Court Street will actually be moved to the Beecher Road parking lot on the east side of the building to accommodate the expected traffic.

Friday evening we spoke with a mom whose son became the face of the Flint water crisis to get her reaction to the state's announcement that the city's water quality has been restored and the four remaining distribution centers will close.

"It was just pure anger," said Ariana Hawk.

The mother of five, including a son whose rash-covered face graced the cover of Time Magazine in 2016, uses bottled water for everything:

"I don't trust the filter, I don't trust the water," she said, "everything that me and my kids do from cooking to boiling their water for a bath,we're using bottled water, I do not trust anything."

Drivers who lined up for free water at the Dort Highway water distribution site on Friday also voiced a distrust for state officials.

"How do you trust a government after they let this happen," asked a Flint man who arrived after the distribution site had just run out of bottled water.

"While I'm happy that the water is testing better, we cannot deny that we still have questions," said Mayor Karen Weaver during an impromptu

press conference Friday afternoon.

"We've been asking about the testing of the schools," she said, "while we get some information saying 90% positive, we have concerns about the others."

A concern shared by Hawk who currently has three children enrolled in Flint Community Schools where kids have access to free bottled water right now.

Hawk agrees with the Mayor that the state should have waited until all the lead service lines were replaced before ending the free bottled water distribution.

"These people whose homes are going to be worked on, what they going to do," Hawk asked.

"They cannot use their water while they're out there shaking up the ground, they cannot use any of that, so they gotta go out and find resources...I don't feel like it's right," she added.

Rich Baird, senior advisor to Governor Snyder and team leader for the state's Mission Flint Office, said nearly two years of scientific data confirms the suitability of water in Flint for drinking.

A statement released by Snyder's office on Friday said preliminary data for the first half of the current 6-month monitoring period shows that 90 percent of the samples collected are at or below 4 parts per billion (PPB), which is well below the federal action level of 15 ppb.

They are still urging residents, out of an abundance of caution, to use filters for six months after service lines are replaced.

Mayor Weaver is encouraging all Flint residents to continue to use filters.