Flint Police Foundation seeking donations to address police department's supply shortage

FLINT (WJRT) (03/25/2020) - The Flint Police Foundation is working to make sure officers have what they need to stay safe.They're hoping that by doing so, they can protect the men and women who protect the community every day.

As the number of coronavirus cases continues to climb high, supplies are running low. People are encouraged to stay home and stay safe, but some, like police officers don't have that luxury.

"I can stay in my house for the next two weeks and be isolated and not have the concern of being exposed, where they have it all day long every day. They're out there on the line, and they have more opportunity to be exposed to the virus than others," Max Chiddister said. Chiddister is the Executive Director of the Flint Police Foundation.

Facebook groups share how disinfecting wipes are needed to wipe down police cruisers between shifts. The Flint Police Foundation knows the importance of fundraising. They help raise money, so officers can get supplies like bullet-proof vests and weapons, but during a critical time like this, they're making some adjustments.

"We need money now to be able to get masks, the N95 masks that they require, hand-sanitizer, and gloves, because they're the first responders, and they need protection," Chiddister said.

Chiddister has been the executive director of the Flint Police Foundation since 2014, He says since then, the number of Flint officers has dwindled down.

He says now, there are fewer than 100 officers.

"Their forces are decimated already, and we don't need to lose more officers because of this virus, and if they don't get the protection when they come in contact with people, think of how that's going to be if we lose more officers," Chiddister said.

If you're looking to donate, you can visit the Flint Police Foundation website. The link is listed in the "Related Links" section of this page.

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