Flint Schools fined for administrator's mistake

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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (03/01/17) - The State Department of Education tells ABC12 the total fine is a loss of $31,164 in state aid.

So, the district will pay $567 every month for five years to cover it.

That's money the teachers argue could have hired a first-year teacher or helped students in the already cash strapped district.

"It's just one more kick in the teeth, one more twist of the knife. It is painful. It hurts," said United Teachers of Flint Vice President Eric Kennedy

He says the reason behind the loss in state funding is disappointing.

Because Deputy Superintendent Sharrece Farris simply failed to enroll in an administrative certification program within her first six months, the state is required by law to deduct money from the district's aid.

"I know that if we were not certified as a teacher, we would be terminated," Kennedy said. "Even though we don't want to see anybody lose their job, at the same time we expect equal treatment whether you're a teacher, administrator, whatever role you play. We're all treated the same."

Instead, Farris has kept her title, continuing to participate in school obligations, like Wednesday's Board meeting, while the district loses $31,164.

"One. Where does that money come from? Two. What budget just got depleted or reduced? How is this going to impact students because $31,000 could go toward school supplies or even equipment to fix some of the heating issues in our buildings," he added.

In a statement, the Superintendent tells ABC12, "The fine has not and will not come from Flint Community Schools effort to improve teaching and learning, as the district's primary objective remains strengthening student achievement and valuing all FCS employees."

According to the State Department of Education, the District could be looking at another $1,500 fine because under state law, Farris "cannot return as an administrator of instructional programs until she completes an approved certification program and obtains her valid certificate."

According to the Superintendent, Farris is enrolled, but won't obtain that certification until May of this year.

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