Flint barbershop owner opens ice cream shop for his children

FLINT (WJRT) - (05/27/2019) - Omar Harris owns Courtside Cuts at Flushing Road and Chevrolet Avenue in Flint and is the owner of the city's newest ice cream shop.

Harris’ daughter, Syndey Owens, asked to open her own business. He had a vacant store front next to the shop and turned it into “The Scoop” ice cream shop.

Although he owns this business, his children operate it.

"They can come learn a lot of different things, dealing with different walks of life, dealing with different customers,” Harris said.

The shop just opened its doors a week ago. Owens said she is excited to be part of something bigger than herself.

"It feels good just to know that I'm so young and making a big impact on the Flint community,” she said.

Owens hopes this business will inspire other kids.

"If they see someone their age that they've possibly have talked to, they'll probably think man I can do this too,” she said.

Harris said his goal is to show children there are other careers other than being a football or basketball player.

"I tell them it's just hard work, anything you do, you finish it and put your best foot forward,” Harris said.

He that that for many years, the Flint community has been without a local ice cream shop. Therefore, bringing the business to the community will help families.

"A lot of these kids parents don't even have vehicles and it's a lot of ground traffic through here and it's kids frequent through here all the time.”

Since the opening, people have traveled far just to get a scoop of ice cream.

"I didn't know it was going to be this big. People have been coming from Grand Rapids, all over Michigan, coming just to support the business,” Harris said.

With the outpouring of support, Owens said it shows one thing.

"You don't have to be scared to start your own business,” she said.

The Scoop ice cream shop is open on Memorial Day from 3 to 9 p.m. Normal business hours are 2 to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

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