Flint church goes above and beyond to help a blind woman

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FLINT (WJRT) - (12/24/2018) -
2018 has been filled with struggles for a blind woman in Flint but the kindness and generosity of her local church have helped her get through the darkest days

Janet Biddulph lost her vision 15 years ago due to diabetes and a battle with alcohol addiction.

The sudden life changing event lead her back to something she had been missing for year, her faith and Bristol Road Church of Christ, a place she had gone to as a child.

This past year Biddulph has faced some of her toughest challenges but her church has been there to help her every step of the way.

Earlier this year Biddulph was forced out of her apartment after it was condemned. But the moving process got off to a horrible start.

"We had packed up my stuff and when I came back all the windows had been broke out of my apartment and everything was gone," said Biddulph.

Left with nothing, Biddulph found herself sleeping on the floor of an empty apartment complex. That is until members of Bristol Road Church of Christ found out.

"Within 4 days they brought me furniture, they brought me dishes, clothes I mean everything," Biddulph said.

They even supplied something she had never had before - a new bed, something she couldn’t believe when she got the call.

"I said it's a new bed? He said yeah, a brand new bed. I cried because I never had a new bed before," said Biddulph.

She was so thankful to the family she had gained at Bristol Road Church and how loved they made her feel.

“You walk through the doors and they hug you and they open up their arms and they welcome you and you know they’re just good people there,” said Biddulph.

But the church wasn’t done being lending her a helping hand just yet. Biddulph found that out Saturday while having some family over for Christmas.

"My daughter–in-law came in and said Ma, you've got a letter from Bristol Rd and I said okay open it up and read it because I always read their mail because they said me love lines, all kinds of stuff,” said Biddulph. “And she opened it up and I heard her say oh my goodness."

The letter was from the senior minister, Steve Cunningham telling her someone anonymously wished her a Merry Christmas with a check for $300. When she saw the letter she had one thought.

"I couldn't see keeping all that money for myself," said Biddulph.

She bought her family some Christmas gifts, and then decided to repay the kindness.

"A lady didn't have enough money to pay for her groceries, she was $50 short. So we paid for her groceries," said Biddulph. “My belief has always been you give blessings, you get blessings.”

And to Bristol Road Church, they are just doing their jobs.

"It's what we feel like we're called to do,” said Cunningham. “It's one thing to talk about being a Christ follower or it’s one thing to talk about doing good and it's a whole other thing to live it out.”

Biddulph wants those who are struggling to know there is help.

"I want people to know they are a wonderful church and if there's a lost soul out there that needs lifting up and needs help…go to them because they will."

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