Flint community leaders take part in day 1 of mindfulness training

Published: May. 15, 2019 at 11:34 AM EDT
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(05/15/19) -- Today marked the 1st day of mindfulness training inside Factory One in Flint for over 100 community leaders across the city. The idea behind the program is to teach people how to use mindfulness, or awareness to improve their everyday lives.

"Mindfulness, it's so simple. People think that it's something big or meditation is a big deal, but it's not it's simply being in the moment," said Kelly Rodgers with Gear Up to Lead.

Leaders from the Search Inside Yourself Institute are conducting a two day training course on mindfulness. It's a program that's already in use at Google.

"We have a really dynamic curriculum and it's a blend between some of the research and science of mindfulness, specifically the brain science, the ways that these mental habits we call mindfulness change both the structure and function of our brain," said Search Inside Yourself Institute CEO Rich Fernandez.

It's something Bridget Hollingsworth with Health Alliance Plan is looking forward to learning about.

"It's going to be some amazing people to spend time with and I feel like we're all going to come away with some tools and resources to help us manage our daily lives, our family relationships," she said.

Discussions will also focus on how mindfulness impacts wellness, leadership and performance. Leaders will also break out into small groups and actually begin applying the principles that they learn.

"It really fosters a lot of great dialogue, great collaboration, and really honestly a level of authentic connection that is pretty rare I think in our normal environments," Fernandez said.

Retired Circuit Court Judge Robert Ransom is excited Flint will be the launch city for the program.

"We hear a lot about the negative fall out of the lead in the water, but this is probably one of the positives that has evolved out of that situation," Ransom said.

For more information on mindfulness and the Search Inside Yourself Institute, click on 'related links' section on the right side or bottom of this page.

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