Flint continues to move forward: hotel, bank, industry moving in

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FLINT (WJRT) (7/17/2018) - Flint Mayor Karen Weaver and U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson are expected to make an announcement later this week on the continuation of Flint's comeback.

She said the community still has needs in the wake of the water emergency, but progress is being made regarding economic development.

"You can see the great strides that are being made when you look at Lear, when you look at the clean up of the Flint River and the recreation that's going to be attached to that," Weaver said. "When you look at the parks and playgrounds that are coming back."

It's clear many companies are investing in Flint again.

Just nine months ago, the Ferris Wheel Building opened, offering opportunities to start-ups and providing a satellite office for many larger businesses.

Weaver said Lear is expected to have it's grand opening next month. The building is now almost completed on Davison Road. At full capacity, the new facility is expected to employ 600 workers.

She also mentioned a Hilton Garden Inn and Elga Credit Union branch moving into downtown soon.

She's eager to see the ripple effect of economic growth across the City.

"You know, just like people giving, when they see one person give, they want to give. When people see development and business investing in the city of Flint, it lets them know that wow that's a good place to go," she said. "Flint is worth the investment and now is the time."

Weaver said this growth should not overshadow the issues the Flint community is still facing as a result of the water crisis. She's still pushing for mental and physical health support, as well as infrastructure upgrades.

But, she said these changes are a step towards a better reputation for the city.

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