Flint could return to full self governance

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FLINT (WJRT) (1/10/2018) - The city of Flint is one step closer to being freed from state oversight for the first time in 15 years.

The state-appointed Receivership Transition Advisory Board voted 4-0 Wednesday afternoon in Lansing to allow Flint's return to self governance.

The board recommended the Michigan Department of Treasury return much of the city's self-governing authority from the state board, which currently must ratify several types of action taken by Mayor Karen Weaver and the Flint City Council.

When Flint's financial picture began to improve in 2015, the city said goodbye to it's emergency manager, who managed most day-to-day affairs of the city on behalf of the Michigan Department of Treasury.

But the advisory board was set up to help ensure the financial recovery stay on track. The board has final say on all resolutions and ordinances passed by the city council and certain business contracts, along with some personnel matters.

The state treasurer still has to approve Wednesday's advisory board decision before it becomes official.

If approved, the return of self governance could spell the beginning of the end of state overnight that started in 2002 with emergency manager Ed Kurtz.

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