Flint family pleads for answers to hit-and-run that left their daughter critically injured

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FLINT (WJRT) (5/14/2018) - Two friends, Celina Payton and Rayvon Williams, were biking down East Boulevard, up to Dort Highway, when they were hit from behind late Tuesday.

The driver took off, leaving the women lying in the roadway for an undetermined amount of time before someone found them and called for help.

"It's just hard, you know, to comprehend that somebody would actually, you know, do something like that," said Celina's step-father Warren Brockless.

As he started searching for answers, Brockless found the couple who was first on scene and called 911.

"They thought their puppy had gotten out and ran away. And, they just live down the road," he said. "And, when they came around the corner, they said they seen something moving in the road."

It was Brockless' step-daughter, Celina. He said she was convulsing and bleeding from a deep cut on her head.

Her friend, 15-year-old Rayvon, was up walking around but not coherent.

Brockless said the couple blocked the road with their car until emergency crews arrived.

"They were guardian angels," he said.

Brockless and Celina's mother have been by her side at Hurley Medical Center's Intensive Care Unit every day since the crash. Celina has a fractured vertebrae, a dislocated ankle, some fractured ribs and a few other cuts and bruises.

"She's been doing really good. She's actually now awake and she's more alert and she holds conversations with us. She don't remember what's going on or what happened," Brockless said.

With no leads on who hit Celina and her friend, Brockless is asking the community to be vigilant.

"Granted, our daughter should not have been in the road on a bike. She should've probably had protective gear on and that. If the person would've at least stopped, sat there and waited, you know, I wouldn't have cared too much," he said.

As the search for the driver continues, the Flint Police Department is asking anyone who noticed fresh damage on the front of a vehicle last Wednesday to call the police station or Crime Stoppers.

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