Flint family trapped by Hurricane Irma in St. Maarten

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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) - (09/06/17) - "That's very difficult for me as a father, as the protector, provider of my family. I take that very seriously. It was very emotional for me leaving them," said Alfred Bruce Bradley.

Bradley's youngest daughter, Frances, now calls St. Maarten home with her new husband, a native of the island. But, Hurricane Irma has them there with Bruce's 8-year-old granddaughter and her mom, Alexandria. They couldn't make their flight.

"You know I was insistent that they leave; but, they were steadfast in their faith that they're gonna be alright," Bradley said.

The 4 are hunkering down at the newlywed's apartment, located inside a concrete building; while trying to keep their parents updated through texts and phone calls.

"The last communication we got from them at 5 this morning. At 3, I noticed Ally had said the eye is here, you know, but it takes awhile for it to go through. And, then you have the water surges afterward. So, that's a whole other issue," Bradley explained.

But he's staying positive, especially because his granddaughter Malaika, who has already weathered so much in her young life, is with them.

"She had a horrific brain injury from a fall," Bradley said. "She has survived that after having CPR, stroke, brain hemorrhaging in 3 places ... So, she has a special relationship with God. Her name is "Black Angel" and she's our spiritual leader in prayer."

Bradley says this is just a test, one he knows they'll all pass.

"Not to say that it's easy, 'cause I'm still emotional from hour to hour to hour, you know, But I - at the same time I just gotta say, okay, you know, it's in your hands and we expect a miracle," Bradley said.

At 6p.m., the Bradleys let us know they got the news they've been praying for. Everyone is okay.

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