Flint invites New Orleans street artists to paint a mural

Published: Aug. 29, 2019 at 6:30 PM EDT
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(8/29/19) - The Flint Public Art Project has helped foster the creativity of local, national and even international artists.

This week, Flint has teamed up with the city of New Orleans bringing a cultural exchange of talent.

Cultural exchanges like this one can certainly go a long way to changing Flint's negative image.

Vehicle city is rapidly becoming known for being a focal point for street paintings.

NOLA Project Manager Kady Perry said, "As someone who kind of looks at the street art and mural scene around the world, Flint's just really got a great name going for it right now. It's making quite the splash with its mural program."

FLINT x NOLA is the latest project hosted by the Flint Public Art Project.

Three artists from New Orleans are in town this week, creating a large mural with roots in southern culture, but also paying tribute to how the residents of Flint have stayed strong through so much adversity.

New Orleans Street Artist Jarrad McKay commented, "Flint is kind of like a knit-tight city. The weather is beautiful too on top of that, but it just is something different man, because you're always hearing about the whole water thing, but, besides that, I still wanted to come."

Visual art in Flint has exceeded expectations this year.

Originally, it was hoped 50 murals would be completed by September.

Fifty five now adorn the walls of Flint buildings, with more to come.

"Ceaux", another New Orleans Street Artist said, "In New Orleans, we celebrate everything. So, my piece I did, it's like a second line type of theme piece just to point out celebrations and resiliance."

As Flint attracts more and more street artists from other parts of the country and world, local talent benefits too.

Flint Public Art Project Joe Schipani added, "We also have a lot of great local artists that have been getting to experience a lot of other different talents, seeing different styles, working with them and learning new things."

Books are planned on Flint's murals.

And this fall, there will be a push to complete 100 murals by the end of the year.

More murals will go up for the Flint Free City Mural Festival between October 7th-12th.