Flint launches aggressive pothole filling plan. Here's how you can help

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FLINT (WJRT) (2/22/2018) - The city of Flint has organized 23 employees into teams that will begin filling potholes six days a week as long as weather allows.

The employees have been divided into four teams who will be split between three areas of the city:
-- Area 1, Carpenter Road to Robert T. Longway Boulevard from the west city limit to Saginaw Street.
-- Area 2, Carpenter Road to Robert T. Longway Boulevard from Saginaw Street to the east city limit.
-- Area 3, Robert T. Longway Boulevard south to Hemphill Road all the way across the city.

The crews will begin working on major roadways before moving into neighborhoods and local streets.

“We have already started patching potholes per the plan and will continue to patch until the frost is out of the ground,” said Flint Director of Public Works Rob Bincsik. “We expect this pothole season to be fairly severe since there is approximately three feet of frost in the ground right now.”

Two operators or trainees will be deployed to handle daily pothole complaints and to continuously canvass major streets. They will be equipped to repair large potholes and re-patch potholes where the cold patch materials have come out of place.

City crews will continue using a high performance cold patch mixture to fill potholes for now until hot mix asphalt is available in the spring.

“We know potholes can be a nuisance to say the least,” said Flint Interim Director of Transportation Betty Wideman. “Currently, we have all available crews out patching on the major streets. We will also be working on Saturdays as the weather allows."

She said city employees will be backfilling holes or sunken areas left by lead service line replacements while they are out filling potholes.

Residents can report potholes in need of repair by calling the Flint Street Maintenance Division at (810) 766-7343.

Outside of Flint, Genesee County residents can report potholes to the Genesee County Road Commission by calling 810-767-4920 or emailing potholes@gcrc.org.

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