Flint lawn ruined during water line replacement

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FLINT (WJRT) - (10/13/16) - A Flint homeowner says a contractor replacing his water service line ruined his lawn and destroyed the sidewalk leading up to his house.

He wants everything returned to the way it was before they started working there. The homeowner says the problems began when a contractor hit a snag while removing the lead service lines.

Michael Huntley used to have a curving sidewalk that led from the front porch down the lawn to the main sidewalk. That is gone and probably won't be replaced.

Three weeks ago, the contractor arrived to remove the lead lines that go from the water main to his basement, but a piece of equipment broke off underground.

"I guess it got twisted up in the front yard, so they just started digging up my front yard," Huntley said.

Workers returned and smoothed it out, but the lawn is ruined.

"They say they will come by and put in top soil and seed it and make sure everything is correct," Huntley said.

Huntley doubts it will look as good as it did. He took a great deal of pride in it.

The curving sidewalk will be replaced by more standard looking concrete steps.

"They're trying to assure me that they are going to take care of it. I'm just not quite sure who's going to take care of it," he said.

Huntley says he personally replaced several feet of sidewalk in front of his house last year. Much of it has been destroyed.

"I was surprised. The sidewalks were brand new over there. For them to tear them all up, that was just crazy," said Robert Johnson, a neighbor.

"It seems to me there's quite a bit of lack of coordination and supervision. I'm not sure if it's on the contractor's level or the city's level," Huntley said.

Huntley is skeptical the city or the contractor will pay enough to restore his lawn and sidewalk.

General Michael McDaniel, who is overseeing the Fast Start Program, says the contractor was not a successful bigger for the next phase of pipe replacements.

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