Flint man faces lengthy prison sentence after robbing Speedway gas station

Percy Williams is facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years for armed robbery as a "super habitual violent offender."
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FLINT (WJRT) (2/5/2020) - A Flint man dubbed a "super habitual violent offender" is facing a lengthy prison sentence after a Genesee County jury convicted him of robbing a Speedway gas station.

Percy Williams, 42, was found guilty of armed robbery and four weapons charges from the June 29, 2018, of the Speedway station on Dort Highway in Flint.

Williams walked into the station just before 11 a.m. He held a gun on the clerk while money was stolen from the cash registers, according to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton.

An employee from a neighboring business saw Williams put on a facemask and took a photo of his license plate, Leyton said. Police pulled over Williams seven minutes after the robbery and arrested him.

Leyton said police found a gun sitting in the center console of the getaway car, face coverings and rubber gloves identified as what Williams was wearing during the robbery.

Employees at the Speedway station reported losing $500 to $600 during the robbery. Investigators discovered a total of $580 on Williams when he was arrested.

Williams is facing a mandatory minimum of 25 years in prison based on his conviction as a "super habitual violent offender" when he is sentenced on March 2, Leyton said.

“Percy Williams has been breaking the law nearly his entire adult life with a violent nature that threatened the safety and security of others whenever he was on the streets,” Leyton said. “We will be asking the judge to sentence Williams to a lengthy prison term so that he will not be able to prey on our community and cause fear and havoc for our citizens any longer.”

Williams' criminal history includes convictions dating back to when he was a juvenile. His past offenses include breaking and entering, armed robbery, carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a prison employee.